Privacy Policy

Information about data protection for student surveys at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy

In the following, we will shortly introduce, which personal data will be used and collected within student surveys and what the data is used for.
If you have any queries or comments concerning storage and safety of personal data within student surveys, please contact:

Furthermore, you are welcome to contact the data protection officer of our University.

Student surveys serve to collect student feedback of each study programme and the international student exchange programme in order to improve the advisory services, study courses as well as the range of courses equally.
We put emphasis on informational self-determination and privacy of each participant. All data collected within the survey will be anonymized. Thus, no conclusion about a person is possible. Though very important to us, the participation at the survey is voluntarily. By participating, you agree on using your data for the underlying purpose of the evaluation and related research interests.

Please, be assured, that the data is only used for the survey and associated scientific purposes. The storage of data as well as, if necessary, a transfer will be considered carefully and monitored by those responsible for the evaluation.

Collected and saved data 

  • Contact information
    In order to invite you to participate at the survey, we use the email-address, which you have received from Leipzig University for organisational matters. The email-address allows us to see your address but not your name. The invitation to participate in the survey is sent to you on the basis of the Saxon law of higher education (SächsHSFG), which engages us to organise and carry out surveys of courses and classes. In the course of this, the use of personal data is authorized. Your contact details only serve to invite you or remind you to participate in the survey and are always stored separately from the survey. Upon completion of the survey the data will be deleted.
  • Data during the survey
    All collected data is stored anonymized. In case you drop your or another person’s name or information, which hints at an actual person, in open text passages, this data will be deleted in the course of data processing due to privacy reasons. Anonymity has been given highest priority.
  • Anonymized panel key 
    In order to gain significant evaluation results, we benefit from longitudinal analysis. This means, the valuation of a specific person at different times to a certain issue, eg. information and consultant offer at the beginning and at a later point of your studies. This enables so-called longitudinal or time series analyses, which provide significantly more reliable results than the usual cross-sectional design based on time data. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize a participant while maintaining his or her anonymity. Within our surveys this is guaranteed by an anonymized pseudonomization by means of the initial allocation of a random character string (anonymous key). By assigning an anonymous key, we are able to recognize the related survey participant without knowing his or her real identity. The anonymous key is stored together with data within the survey, though, technically separated from the actual survey, so that no data can be related to a certain person.
  • Meta-data
    Apart from the data collected during the survey, some so called meta-data will be stored:
    – Designation of survey or questionnaire
    – Timestamp of starting and ending point of the survey
    – Completeness of complete questionnaire and each question
    – Retention time at each question
    This data as well all other information collected during the survey will be stored anonymously. The data is only necessary for the purpose of improving the questionnaire and helps to estimate the time needed to fill in the questions.
  • Separately collected data for future surveys
    Some questionnaires (only in case of former student surveys) terminate with a question concerning further participation in future surveys. If you agree to participate in a follow-up survey, you will be asked to leave your contact details. Answering the question as well as leaving your contact details is voluntarily and your approval will be asked for separately. If you agree to participate in a follow-up survey and leave your contact details, this information will always be stored separately from the data collected during the survey in order to maintain the anonymity of the questionnaire.


How and where is the data stored?

The above mentioned data will be stored at least for the survey period on our cooperating partner’s (SoSciSurvey) survey-server. The server is located in Munich, Germany, so that all processing of personal data underlies German and European Law for the processing and safety of personal data information.
Furthermore, our cooperating partner is obligated by contract to responsibly and legally handling of the date. Therefore, many technical precautions to ensure safe data transmission have been made. The survey as well as data transfer during the questioning follow through certified SSL coding, so that safety against manipulation is guaranteed to the greatest possible extent.

After the survey had been completed, all data from the survey, meta-information and possible separately given contact details for further surveys will be transferred to a server based at the Leipzig University Computer Centre. All data will be completely deleted from the cooperation partner’s server.

For how long will the data be stored?

  • Contact Details
    The used contact details – in general student email-addresses – will be deleted no later than six months after the survey had been completed from our cooperating partner’s (SoSciSurvey) server as well as from the server of Leipzig University. Otherwise, all data will be deleted immediately as soon as you ask us to do so. If you wish not to participate in the current or further surveys and do not want to be contacted by email, please use the link at the end of the invitation email in order to block your email. To guarantee this, your email address has to be stored on a so called black list for the requested period of time.
  • Data collected within the questionnaire and meta-information
    Data collected within the questionnaire and corresponding meta-information will be deleted no later than six months after the survey had been completed from our cooperating partner’s (SoSciSurvey) server. At the storage location at Leipzig University, the data is proved of anonymity, and if necessary anonymized, to permanently store it in order to use it for scientific research. Researchers, who require access to the data have to pass through a detailed application and review procedure.
  • Separately collected contact details for future surveys
    If separately collected contact data were requested and stored for future surveys, these will be deleted by our cooperation partner’s survey server (SoSciSurvey) not later than six months after the end of the survey. At the storage location at Leipzig University, the data is available only for the period of time in which contacting for future surveys is necessary. Afterwards, the data will be deleted completely in accordance with the usual regulations concerning contact details (see above).


How can I unsubscribe from the questionnaire?

The participation on the questionnaire shell be on a voluntary base. Additionally, you can unsubscribe by sending a short email explaining that you do not want to be invited or reminded to this questionnaire anymore ( befragungen.sozphil[at] ). Your email address will be deleted from the current mailing list. Furthermore, you have the possibility to block your email-address for future survey. Therefore, please, use the link at the end of the invitation. To guarantee this, your email address has to be stored on a so called black list for the requested period of time.

Updated 9. July 2018