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Please read the following information first

  • If this is your first time participating in the Supported Course Evaluation, you should first read the general information on the process.(Currently only available in German)

  • Each teacher can evaluate a maximum of 2 courses per semester. Registrations that exceed the quota, will not be processed. The limit serves to limit the number/frequency and overlap of evaluation surveys.

  • Within the Supported Course Evaluation, evaluations can be carried out during two time-slots:
    Mid-term: 3th – 13th December 2019, or
    End-term: 24th January 2019 – 7th February 2020
    Your chosen evaluation date must be within one of the two time-slots. Evaluations can be registered for a date outside for block-courses, if they take place outside the time-slots. (The time-slots will be displayed again during the later date selection.)

  • The deadline for registrations is as follows:
    Mid-term evaluations: 22th November 2019
    End-trem evaluations: 17th January 2020
    In addition, evaluations must be registered at least 14 days before they are carried out in order to allow sufficient time for all preparations.

Details of the lecturer

Note: If there is more than one lecturer in the given course, please state their name and e-mail address(es) in the final comment field. The co-lecturers will automatically receive a copy of the results report later.

e.g. Kommunikationswissenschaft

The mailbox number is required for sending the questionnaires and the evaluation certificate. Please make sure that the information is correct, otherwise the questionnaires may not be delivered on time.

> Registration is only possible with a personal e-mail address of the University of Leipzig.
> When registering on behalf of a lecturer, always indicate the lecturer's e-mail address.
> Pay attention to correct information: If the address is incorrect, you will not receive any confirmations/feedbacks.

Details of the course

Colloquia/project seminars must have a seminar character, as the evaluation is carried out by using the seminar questionnaire. The evaluation of special formats (project, workshop etc.) is unfortunately not possible.

> Please always indicate the number of officially registered LV participants. Except: The number of those usually present is higher.
> Only courses with at least 8 participants can be evaluated, as an evaluation with closed questionnaires is not suitable with a smaller number of participants. In this case, the LV should be evaluated in a concluding feedback discussion.

If the course is contained in several modules, it is sufficient to specify only one corresponding module number.

Details of the evaluation of the course

Note: The evaluation of courses with 95 or more participants is planned by using a online questionnaire, which the course participants fill out via web browser. If you prefer to use paper questionnaires, please give us a short hint in the final comment field.

> The evaluation date must (except for block events) be within the time-slot selected above.
> At least 14 days must remain from the time of registration until the evaluation date (preparation time for printing/sending the questionnaires etc.).
> For paper evaluations, the indicated evaluation date is only the earliest possible evaluation date: You can decide according to your own preferences, if you will hand out the questionnaires in one of the following seminar/lecture sessions.

Complete the registration

Updated 5. February 2019