Student Representatives

The student representatives constitute the elected representatives of the students. They represent the interests of the students in the committees of the institutes and the faculty, as well as to other institutions of the university or even outside of the university.

The student representatives at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy organise a programme of variety, that does not only enrich life as a student, but also offers an addition to your regular studies.

At the faculty, the student representatives represent the students of each programme of study at its associated institute (except the GESI – Global and European Studies Institute):

The fields of activity of the student representatives according to the Saxon Law on Universities (Sächsisches Hochschulrecht) are*:

  1. Exercise of the university-internal, social and cultural concerns of students as well as excercise of university policies,
  2. Contribution of procedures of evaluations,
  3. Support of the economical and social self help of the students,
  4. Support of the students concerning their studies,
  5. Support of the sports activities irregardless of the responsibility of the university,
  6. Maintaining the regional, national and international student relations and the support of student mobility,
  7. Support of the civic eduvation and civic responsibilities of students.

*Regulated by law in §24, Paragraph 3, Saxon Law on Universities (SächsHSFG)

Updated 28. November 2019