Exchange term in Leipzig

Exchange term at the UL step by step

Welcome at the Department for Social Sciences and Philosophy!

If you wish to spend one or two terms at the University of Leipzig, there are several options for you how to organize your exchange term(s) here. In the following you will find further information about mobility schemes, application procedures, arriving in Leipzig and getting started at the university. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Before your arrival…

Before you apply for an exchange term here, please make sure you have checked the following two aspects:

  • Study-programme
    Please make sure, that the contents of our study-programmes meet with your interests and needs. Information about our various BA and MA programmes can be found on the homepages of the institutes.
  • Language Requirements
    Almost all programmes of degree at the Department for Social Sciences and Philosophy are taught entirely in German. In order to properly take part in the lectures and seminars, we recommend a level of command of the German language of at least B2 (CEFRL).

Mobility schemes: 

    If your home university has an ERASMUS+ agreement with any institute of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, you have to follow the application procedures of your home university. Once admitted all further information will be provided by your ERASMUS+ coordinator here and the International Office.
  • Bilateral University Agreements
    If your home university has a bilateral agreement with the University of Leipzig, you have to follow the application procedure of your home university. Once admitted all further information will be provided by the International Office.
  • Exchange without mobility programme
    If there is no agreement between your home university an the University of Leipzig, there are options for you to come here and do an exchange term. Please contact on that behalf the International Office.

Application at the University of Leipzig:

No matter if you use any mobility scheme to come to Leipzig or not, once you are admitted by the University of Leipzig, you have to apply directly at the UL as well. Further information on that procedure will be provided by the International Office.
 The deadlines for your exchange application are:

  • Winterterm: 15th July
  • Summerterm: 15th January

2. Arriving in Leipzig…

Upon your arrival in Leipzig, you will have to take the following steps:

  • Matriculation
  • Course Selection
  • Registration
  • Finding a place to stay

Immatriculation, Registration

The International Office organizes a Welcome Week for international students. Usually this event takes place the one week before classes start. During this week you can do all administrative procedures like matriculation, receiving your student-ID, register at the Citizen’s Registration Center, Visa procedures, and you get the chance for some orientation on the campus. | Contact the International Center

Course Selection and Enrollment

The course catalogues are usually published shortly before the semester starts. All information about the modules, courses, seminars and lectures you can choose can found in there. The course catalogues are published both, on AlmaWeb and the homepages of the institutes. If you have any questions about the contents, examination or your course selection in general, you may contact either your ERASMUS+ coordinator or student counsellor. | Find your ERASMUS Coordinator.

The mentors of the department will help you in any case of trouble or doubt, you are always welcome to contact us.

Finding a place to stay

There are different options, where to live during your stay in Leipzig. For some information, please check out our section about living in Leipzig.


3. During the term…

Once the semester has started, the following information/institutions might be helpful for you:

Academic Calendar: 
Information about holidays, term duration etc.

Facilities & Locations: The campus of the University of Leipzig is organized decentrally: Map of the city and a list with all relevant addresses

Studying and Teaching: 
If you face trouble concerning your courses/seminars/lectures during the term you can contact your ERASMUS coordinator.

Language skills: If you want to improve your German skills while you are here, there are several options, e.g.: You apply for preparatory German classes offered by the Studienkolleg Sachsen, or you sign up for German courses that take place during the term in the Studienkolleg Sachsen. Please be aware that these courses are very sought after. So, if you want to sign up for one of these courses make sure to take the grading test and to be at the course enrollment timely.

If you want to take more specific courses on i. e. academic German, check out the workshop programme offered by the AcademicLab.

Furthermore, if you want to improve any other language skills, there is the Spracheninstitut and the Sprachenzentrum – both institutions linked to the University of Leipzig that offer language courses.

The Libraries:
 The University of Leipzig has a very charming main library (Bibliotheca Albertina) and several branch libraries. There you will find not only the books you need, but also nice working-places with power plug for your notebook and WiFi access. Information about how to use the libraries, e.g. check out books, access online journals etc. can be found on the homepage of Albertina library.

 There are several computer labs which you can use for working, using the internet, printing, scanning, etc.

WiFi (Wireles Internet): You can access the university WiFi with your own computer. This is possible almost everywhere on the campus. Ever since the University of Leipzig joined the network of Education Roaming (eduroam) you should be able to access the WiFi with the access data of your home university if your home university is part of eduroam, too. If you do not have an eduroam access but want to use university WiFi, and if you need support you can ask for help in the university data center (Universitätsrechenzentrum – URZ) or in the Albertina or Campus Library.

4. Staying longer?

If you wish to prolong your stay in Leipzig and at the University, please contact the International Center and your ERASMUS coordinator. They will provide you with the information about the necessary procedures.

5. Before your departure…

Before you leave, you have to do 2 very important procedures:

  • Get your Transcript of Records
  • Complete the exmatriculation procedure

Get your Transcript of Records

As international exchange student it is your own responsibility to get your transcript. All necessary documents will be handed out to you either by your ERASMUS+ coordinator or by your Mentor at the Student’s Office.

Our tip from the inside: Try to start this process as early as possible, and try to have all your information about the courses you took as detailed as possible. Be aware that many teachers use the semester break to have some holiday or to take part in conferences, so not everybody will necessarily be here to sign your documents when you are about to leave.

Complete the exmatriculation procedure

In order to complete the exmatriculation procedure you have to de-register from the following institutions and then hand in the exmatriculation request to the International Office:

  • de-register in the library
  • de-register in the city hall

The necessary documents can be found on the homepage of the International Office.

6. Back home…

In order to improve our exchange programmes, your opinion about the experiences you made during your stay in Leipzig is very important to us. Therefore, we would like you to give us some feedback.

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