Vortrag Rajendra K. Jain am 20. Juni 2018 um 13.15 Uhr, GWZ Raum H4 1.16

im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe am Jean-Monnet-Lehrstuhl Politik in Europa

India and Crises in the European Union: Perceptions and Perspectives
Since the financial crisis, the European Union has been confronted by a succession of crises, which have stretched the powers and institutions beyond their limits, with some even calling into question the European project itself. The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has given rise to new uncertainties for the EU in terms of trade, transatlantic relations and security. From India’s perspective, Brexit, the rise of ultra-nationalism and far right parties across Europe reflects a backlash against globalization, the lack of control and the erosion of borders. Prof. Rajendra K. Jain will discuss Indian perceptions of recurrent EU crises, the strains in the postwar liberal order, the impact of Brexit, and China’s growing assertiveness and their impact on India-EU relations.

Jean Monnet Lecture 2018 [pdf]

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