The Institute of Political Science at Leipzig University offers students specific, tailor-made study programmes besides providing teaching in numerous study programmes beyond the institute. Around 280 students are currently enrolled on one of the social studies oriented teaching study programmes and a further 400 students are completing the BA/MA degree in Political Science or the MA degree in European Integration in East Central Europe (figures for 2017).

Students of political science go on to work in a broad range of interesting occupational fields which entail a high level of professional responsibility. It is also a popular minor subject, for instance, among budding journalists. The institute’s alumni work in schools, political education, parties, trusts, international organisations, NGOs, the media and science.

We complement academic training with first-hand experiences, e.g. by organising regular field trips to Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Prague and Dresden, and inviting professionals from the field to give talks. Students training to be teachers are supervised throughout their practical teacher training. We offer exercises specifically designed for trainee teachers aimed at improving understanding of the material found in the basic modules and training sessions on how to use state-of-the-art, interactive whiteboards.

The institute maintains cooperative relationships with many other universities, supported through semesters abroad and Erasmus+ applications. The MA in European Integration in East Central Europe comprises a mandatory semester abroad and facilitates an integrated, international double degree programme. The Jean Monnet Chair organises events with a European focus. Our courses are enriched by visiting researchers and students from abroad.

Any students interested in carrying out their own research are able to do so under professional guidance at an early stage as part of project seminars, a specific research workshop and through active involvement in the professorships’ research projects. The institute colloquium, events in the various teaching areas and conferences held together with scientists from Germany and abroad facilitate an interdisciplinary, subject-specific discourse that also welcomes student participation.

Moreover, we offer academic qualification paths that follow on from the study programmes described above. Doctoral studies can be done either independently at the institute or as part of structured programmes offered by the Research Academy Leipzig, e.g. in the Graduate School Global and Area Studies or the unit Religion, Secularity and Cultural Dynamics.

We pool our research under the overarching topic “Democracy – Education – Europe”. Through the various research projects ongoing at the Institute of Political Science, we are able to ensure a close connection between academic and research-oriented studies, especially in the MA in Political Science.

An overview of the various subject areas at the Institute of Political Science can be found here.

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