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Frequently asked questions

Learning Agreement: What shall I do?

The Learning Agreement is your individual course plan. Your Home University needs it among other things in order to comprehend if and what you studied at your Host University.

As soon as you have chosen your courses from the course catalogue you list them on your Learning Agreement. Usually the catalogue of courses („Vorlesungsverzeichnis“) for the winter term is published by the end of August, the one for the summer term by the end of February.

It may happen that your course plan is changing, for instance because the course catalogue or your preferences are changing. That´s no problem. In case you have to hand in your Learning Agreement earlier than by the mentioned dates just fill it out provisorily with the most current catalogue of courses (link see above). You may change you Learning Agreement later.

Do I have to register for courses?

At the Department of Political Science you don’t have to sign in.

First of all you choose a course from the course catalogue that you would like to attend. You don´t have to study entire modules, it´s enough to attend ONE course of the module, in order to get your credit points. You can choose…

  • a lecture from the Bachelor programe (then you will have to absolve a written exam at the end of the course)
  • a seminar from the Bachelor programe (then you will have to write a term paper)
  • a seminar or colloquium from the Master programe (you have to arrange this with your lecturer)

At other departments you might have to sign in. On the website of the University of Leipzig you can find a list of all faculties/departments.

Please contact the coordinator of the department at which you want to take part in a course.

May I attend in other courses offered by other departments?

Generelly you should talk to the lecturer. You may choose courses offered by other faculties and departments – but you need to get the permission of the lecturers. If you want to  attend courses that are offered by other faculties or departments, just write an e-mail to the respective lecturer and introduce yourself to him/her at the first session.

Please consider the specifications of your university in your homeland: How many courses do you have to visit? How many credits do you need? That can vary from country to country.

Do I have to pass an exam?

As an Erasmus student you don’t have to pass exams. You just need to absolve the regular course requirements in order to get your credit points (description below).

How many credits (ECTS) can I achieve in a course?

The number of credit points depends on the size of the module and on your kind of engagement.

  • In modules consisting of 3 courses (i.e. MA modules with Kolloquium + Seminar + Seminar) you can earn 4 credit points for active attendance + 1 point for any kind of examination (written test, paper, oral exam etc.) – per course.
  • In modules consisting of 2 courses (i.e. BA modules with Vorlesung + Seminar) you can earn 4 credit points for active attendance + 1 point for any kind of examination – per course.

For example: If you decide to study only the lecture from a given BA module and to write the test, then you will get 5 credit points. If you decide to attend the whole module, writing the test in the lecture plus an essay in the seminar, then you will get 10 points. 

The „Teilnahmeschein“ should be handed to the lecturer at the beginning of the semester. The „Leistungsschein“ should be handed to the lecturer together with the paper or essay. The lecturer signs the form at the end of the semester and gives it to the Erasmus Coordinator. There you can pick up your „Schein“. You can find the forms at the top.

Are there any courses offered in English?

At the Department of Political Science and other faculties there are only few lectures/courses in English language. The general teaching language is German. That means: you should definitely have basic language skills in German.

How can I find a room in Leipzig?

On the website of the International Center (AAA) you can find detailed information.

Where and how can I get in touch with students from Leipzig?

If you wish to get in touch with students in Leipzig in order to get some inside information or to find a room in a shared flat just send an email to the student representatives („Fachschaftsrat“: fsrpowi[at] or to your Erasmus coordinator Daniel Schmidt (erasmuspowi[at]

How to get your Transcript of Records

  • First of all you download the form „Transcript of Records“ (link at the top).
  • Please fill in all the courses you have attended at the University of Leipzig.
  • Then you hand in a copy of all your  „Leistungsscheine“ and „Teilnahmescheine“ together with the Transcript of Records to your ERASMUS-Coordinator who will sign it for you.
  • In case you have to leave earlier we gladly send your documents to your University or your home address (Please let us know your adress).

Any more questions?

Don’t hesitate to come contact Daniel Schmidt at the Erasmus Office (room 3-0.08). He will help you to resolve any possible problems.

It’s nice to have you here. Have a great time in Leipzig and at our department!

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