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Islam, Religion and Secularism: Reading Talal Asad

Thursdays, 13:15-14:45, Schillerstr. 6, M102

Markus Dreßler
Johannes Duschka

Please contact Johannes Duschka for more information.

This reading seminar is directed to master students interested in critical engagement with the work of Talal Asad. Anthropologist by training, Asad’s texts on the conceptualization of Islam, and the genealogies of religion and secularism are widely read and discussed in the academic study of religion and Islam, as well as cultural sciences more broadly. We will closely read some of the most influential of Asad’s texts and aim for a contextualization of his work in the field of post-colonial studies.

We want to give room for close reading and detailed discussions and to let the seminar develop along the interests of the participants. The preliminary list of readings provided in the first meeting is therefore a first suggestion and may be subject to change in the course of the term.