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Humboldt Conversation in Philosophy with Indrek Reiland (Wien) on May 12th (4pm to 6pm). The talk will be held on zoom. You can join the session via the following link.

What is the proper role of intention in a theor y of linguistic meaning? On individualist views (Davidson, Bilgrami), meaning intentions have a direct role in imbuing uses of words with particular meanings. In this talk, I will approach the question from the contrasting public language perspective (Austin, Dummett, Kaplan, etc.) with the aim of explaining why we still appeal to linguistic intentions. Intentions play a very different role on this view: they activate the meaning that words already have in a particular language and thereby make it the case that the speaker’s use is a use with a particular meaning in that language. These sorts of linguistic intentions also play a role in disambiguation. However, I will argue contra widespread recent opinion, they do not play a role in determining the reference of context-sensitive expressions. That is not settled by intention at all.

Indrek Reiland (Wien) received his PhD from the University of Southern California. Since then he's worked at Rice University and University of Edinburgh and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Institut Jean Nicod and University of Barcelona. His research interests are philosophy of language and mind. He's the author of papers published in Philosophy of Phenomenological Research, Philosophical Studies, and Synthese, among others.


The talk will be held on Zoom, you can join the session via the following link.

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You will also be able to use this Zoom link for our further conversations this term.

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