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Veranstaltungsort: University of Chicago Franke Institute for the Humanities

The conference is not ‘read-ahead’. Each session consists of a one-hour presentation and then one hour of discussion.

This conference will discuss questions about Kant’s philosophy of right. For example: What status does the philosophy of right have in the practical philosophy of Kant’s philosophy? What is the relation between right and morality? What is the significance of the fact that Kant holds that the fundamental principles of the doctrine of right can only be introduced through postulates? As Kant seems to hold that a treatise on right is to begin with very general reflections concerning the efficacy of the will, and ends his treatises with very detailed discussions of the different institutions of a proper state, how exactly are these two sides of the philosophy of right related to each other?


University of Chicago
Franke Institute for the Humanities
1100 East 57th Street; Chicago, IL
(ground floor of the Regenstein library)


No registration is required. The event is open to the public.

Persons with a disability who think they may need assistance, please send an email to in advance.