Nachricht vom

The team of International Relations and Transnational Politics (Prof. Richter) at the Institute of Political Science invites you to a special small event series on Colombia on Thursday, 8th December. 

From 3-5pm, Gwen Burnyeat will present her book on peace pedagogy in which she will discuss among others the reasons for the failed plebiscite in 2016. This event will take place both in presence (NSG S017) and in virtual format (please register at ib(at) 

From 6-8pm, we will show the documentary „Chocolate for peace“ over a peace community in Colombia which resisted all forms of violence and armed groups during the armed conflict. The screening is followed by a discussion with the director of the movie. The event is open for public and will take place in Passage Kinos in Leipzig 

The whole team is looking forward to welcoming you to the two or one of these events on Thursday!