One project of the center is the development of concepts for modules and courses (curricula) on the topics of "Communication for Social Change" (C4SC). Research-oriented teaching and intensive practice transfer are the focus here.

Development of educational programs

A specific task of the centre is the development of concepts for modules and teaching programmes (curricula) regarding the topics Communication for Social Change (C4SC). Research oriented teaching and intensive praxis transfer are at the heart of this.

The education offers at the institute for communication and media science at the University of Leipzig will be offered as a seminar series. The idea is that a module for C4SC will arise in perspective of this seminar series which, in turn, can be integrated in bachelor or master study programmes at different German universities.

Training of Experts for C4SC

As to the content, the seminars will provide an overview of the theoretical approaches based on selected texts. Concepts like participation, empowerment, advocacy communication, social mobilization, social marketing, civic communication and migration or media assistance are topics of these seminars.

Subsequently, the students will study the areas of application as well as the actors of C4SC and discuss specific approaches, models and strategies of C4SC.

Guest contributions delivered by experts and researchers will be integrated in the seminars to ensure the dual character of praxis and theory. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to gain an insight into the praxis of C4SC by participating in excursions. The aim of the training is to give the students the opportunity to develop professional perspectives in the research and praxis of C4SC and learn about the practical application. Since the worldwide demand for specialists in the field of C4SC is growing (see Servaes 2017), the training of experts for C4SC is pioneering.

Service Teaching

An additional format planned for the future is service teaching. We intend to create and realise collaborative research in cooperation with an organisation within the field of C4SC and within the framework of a seminar. It is anticipated that projects and processes of the respective organisation can be evaluated with the gained empirical data.

M.A. KMW, module 06-005-551- Communication, Media and Society “Project Seminar: International Communication: ‘Image Correction’”- Dr. Kefa Hamidi & Prof. Dr. Patrick Donges  

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