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Improve your profile, be visible to recruiters, and use LinkedIn’s Big Data in your favor.

This event is part of  Career Week.

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11.06.2024 | 09:00 - 16:00   Register here   

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Dr. Maia George

Target Group
This workshop is for all doctoral researchers and early postocs wanting an overview of the possibilities LinkedIn offers to support you in your job search. Especially for those wanting to leave academia. Still, there are many useful tips for those staying in academia.

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Course Description
The transition from academia to industry can pose various challenges for individuals after completing graduate school. One of the key difficulties lies in deciding whether to pursue a career in academia or explore opportunities in the industry. Additionally, presenting oneself effectively to prospective employers can be daunting. 
Mastering LinkedIn can offer several advantages, enabling you to:

  • Enhance your professional visibility, making you more noticeable to recruiters, potential colleagues, and collaboration partners.
  • Conduct research using LinkedIn's search engine to gain insights into potential career paths.
  • Engage in targeted networking within your specific field, connecting with relevant professionals.
  • Stay up to date with job postings and opportunities that align with your career goals.
  • Align your language and values with the companies you aspire to work for, optimising your job applications.

In essence, LinkedIn can serve as a powerful tool during this transition period if you understand how to leverage its potential. Irrespective of where you stand in your career decision-making process, this workshop aims to enhance your career toolbox and empower you with valuable skills.

Please make sure to have a LinkedIn account, preferably with at least a few contacts.

0,5 Credit Points can be obtained by attending this course. Please contact your faculty for the recognition of performance for the doctoral degree.


  • Dr. Maia George
    Independant Academic Coach | Former Research Assistant and Research Fellow of LehreLernen of the University in Jena | Former researcher specialising in the ethical and political Philosophy of Science | Alumna and current Member of the Admission Committee of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)