Founded in 2008 upon the decision of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, GESI focuses on establishing interdisciplinary research and teaching projects analysing transnational and transregional dynamics in close cooperation with partners in Germany and abroad.

The institute contributes significantly to the strategic research area “Changing Orders in a Globalized World” of Leipzig University and is one of the pioneers of transnational education at the university, as well as participates extensively in the Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics.

enlarge the image: GESI Building in Leipzig. Photo: GESI/Leipzig University
GESI Building in Leipzig. Photo: GESI/Leipzig University

GESI hosts a large number of research and teaching projects for which funding is obtained from various agencies. Please see the university's research database, Leuris, for an overview.

Since its foundation, GESI has worked closely with partner institutions around the world, basing its study programmes on transnational consortia or bilateral collaborations. Of particular importance are the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies Consortium, funded by the European Commission since 2005, and the European Studies Consortium within the European University Alliance Arqus. In addition, members of the institute participate in numerous international organizations.

Support for Students

  • In addition to the services offered to all students by the university and its International Office, GESI arranges study exchange placement and special academic and organizational support for students enrolled in its programmes on the basis of bilateral agreements with partner institutions throughout various parts of the world and as a coordinating institution of transnational consortia.
    Details can be found on the individual programme pages.
    Contact: Stephan Kaschner
  • Being a pillar of the Graduate School Global and Area Studies, GESI is able to offer its doctoral students special support for participation in structured doctoral programmes. Details can be found here.
    Contact: Dr. Martina Keilbach

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