The Erasmus Mundus Master in “Global Studies” (EMGS) is offered by an international consortium of five high-profile European universities, together with partner universities all over the world. It provides excellent training for future careers both inside and outside academia, training experts who can analyze and navigate globalization processes from multiple perspectives.

enlarge the image: Gruppenfoto der EMGS-Absolventen
Students during our graduation ceremony in November 2021. Photo: Swen Reichhold/University of Leipzig

This international research-based master’s degree combines perspectives, methods, and theories developed in the fields of

  • history,
  • cultural and area studies,
  • social sciences, and economics

to investigate phenomena of global connectedness.

We do not believe that globalization exists as an objectively given material reality that can be measured. From our perspective, we have to understand the phenomena described as globalization as a bundle of political, economic, social, and cultural projects to manage increasing transnational and transcontinental connectedness – the so-called global condition. Therefore, the multinational classroom of the programme and the crossover of contributions from various disciplines and universities investigating some of these projects and/or their conflicts and resulting entanglements offer a substantial added value to the study of processes of globalization.

Career opportunities

Our graduates are well prepared for academic positions in the field of Global Studies and related disciplines dealing with global phenomena as well as for jobs in supranational agencies and non-governmental organizations. They are ready to work as intercultural mediators within the fields of development cooperation, economy, management, and beyond while contributing to pioneering scholarship for understanding the past, investigating the present, and debating the future of the global.

Current application deadlines:

March 15, 2024 (for Erasmus Mundus scholarship).

May 31, 2024 (without scholarship)

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Experiences of our graduates

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