The psychophysiological laboratory is equipped as a single laboratory especially for studies on cognitive processing and cognitive as well as emotional experience during media reception. In particular, the laboratory uses instrument-based acquisition methods, such as the measurement of psychophysiological parameters or reaction time measurements. The laboratory is part of the "Leipzig Experimental Laboratory for Communication and Media Science" at the Institute.

The laboratory consists on the one hand of the actual laboratory room, in which the experimental participants watch film clips or similar stimuli. The experiments are technically controlled and monitored in an experimental supervisor's room, which is separated from the laboratory room by a door and a one-way mirror.

In the laboratory, integrated software is used to play stimuli (e.g., film clips) to the test participants, and coupled with this to record phsychophysiological parameters such as skin conductance, pulse rate, and muscle tension, as well as to record reaction times.

For information about the Psychophysiology Laboratory and laboratory use, please contact Dr. Freya Sukalla.