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Anyone who wants to read the just-published third edition of the "Handbuch Unternehmenskommunikation" (Handbook of corporate communications) will have to bring along proficiency in German, patience and energy. The compendium comprises 50 chapters on 1,065 pages, weighing in at around three kilograms.

Weighty is only the scope, but also the content of the handbook, for which Professor Ansgar Zerfass as first editor and the leading German business publisher Springer Gabler are responsible. Renowned scientists and several authors from the professional field provide an overview of the current state of knowledge in the discipline. The fact that this has grown enormously in recent years is shown by contributions on topics such as digitization and big data, influencers, content strategies and newsrooms, corporate listening, agility and digital transformation, as well as the fundamentally revised basic texts on the theoretical and disciplinary foundations of communication management, strategic communication, reputation, trust and CEO communication.

The reference work provides fundamentals and central concepts for strategic communication with internal and external stakeholders, influencers and media in the digital world. It combines perspectives from business administration, communication science, organizational psychology and law. Latest findings on value creation through communications, reputation, branding, trust and legitimacy are discussed. The focus is on conceptual knowledge that board members, top managers, and other executives need in order to work together with communications departments and agencies in a target-oriented manner. In addition, communication professionals, students and academics learn how to manage communications and build potential for success.

The first two editions of the handbook, published in 2007 and 2014, are among the most successful business books of recent years in Germany, with a combined total of more than 5.7 million downloads of the book and its chapters. The new, thoroughly revised edition picks up where it left off. However, its content has been further focused on fundamental and strategic topics. In-depth knowledge of central areas of corporate communications are discussed in three other new handbooks, which together with this work form the new "Handbook Series on Corporate Communications" published by Springer Gabler.

The "Handbuch Mitarbeiterkommunikation" (ed. Einwiller, Sackmann, Zerfass; 2021) deals with internal communication in companies. The "Handbuch Public Affairs" (ed. Röttger, Donges, Zerfass; 2021) is all about corporate communications with politics and administration as well as in the socio-political environment. And the "Handbuch Investor Relations" (ed. Hoffmann, Schiereck, Zerfaß; summer 2022) presents the state of international research and practice on capital market communications. All four volumes combine communication knowledge with those from other relevant disciplines. Accordingly, renowned experts from those areas are among the editors and authors.

Students and researchers at Leipzig University can access the eBook version of this handbook free of charge via the Leipzig University Library. Hardcover copies will be available shortly. Please note that preliminary versions of the chapters are also available online at SpringerLink. However, the final versions should always be cited with page numbers from the print/eBook version published in 2022.


A. Zerfaß, M. Piwinger, U. Röttger (Hrsg.)
Handbuch Unternehmenskommunikation: Strategie – Management – Wertschöpfung
3., vollständig überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage 2022
XXIX, 1.065 Seiten, 79 Abbildungen
Gebunden € (D) 219,00 | € (A) 225,14 | CHF 241,50
ISBN 978-3-658-22932-0


Dr. Ansgar Zerfass is Professor and Chair of Strategic Communication at Leipzig University and initiator of the Academic Society for Management & Communication, in which 40 global corporations and several universities jointly support corporate communications research and knowledge transfer.
Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Piwinger works as journalist and reseracher. He has many years of industrial experience in management positions in communications and as a lecturer in corporate and financial communications.
Dr. Ulrike Röttger is Professor for Public Relations Research at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and a member of the scientific management board of the Academic Society for Management & Communication.