For the successful completion of the Master Global Mass Communication you need 120 credit points. You will receive these credit points upon passing the module examinations and the master thesis. On this page you will find all important information about the exams and master thesis.

The Master‘s programme comprises a maximum of 120 ECTS points as a prerequisite for the Master of Arts degree in Global Mass Communication from Leipzig University. The programme also includes 38 U.S. credit hours as a prerequisite for the Master of Science degree in Journalism from Ohio University, of which at least 50% must be completed either during the semester abroad and/or via distance learning courses at Ohio University. If the requirements of Ohio University are not met, only the degree Master of Arts in Global Mass Communication can be awarded.


The ECTS points obtained at Leipzig University are credited by Ohio University according to the equivalence table.


Module Examinations

Modules are usually completed with module examinations. You will find more details on the specifications and procedure of examinations in the examination and study regulations of the MA Global Mass Communication.

First Amendment of the Examination Regulations

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A module registration at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies is also the registration for the examination. Detailed information can be found on the Faculty website.

Registration takes place via the online registration system TOOL.

If you have problems with the registration, you can use the contact form of the registration team.

The Exam Office at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies

During your studies, you will often come into contact with the exam office. The Exam Office supports you when you have questions regarding examination formalities and ensures that your study credits appear in Alma Web. 


The Exam Office is responsible for a number of different tasks relating to examinations. These tasks include: 

●    Exam registration 
●    Exam dates / registration deadlines 
●    Recognition of pre-exam achievements / exam achievements that have been completed at other universities
●    Admission to the exam / withdrawal from the exam
●    Internships 
●    Announcement of exam results 
●    Receiving objections 
●    Issuance of certificates

Please note:

Always state your student number with inquiries to ensure smooth processing. If you have questions about module registration/deregistration, please also state the module title and the corresponding module number. The application for the second repeat examination must be submitted to the chairperson of the relevant examination board.


It is the task of the examination boards to coordinate the examination procedures for the degree program in question and to monitor compliance with them. The examination boards are therefore responsible for all matters relating to examinations and the recognition of academic achievements in a degree program. The respective examination board takes care of complaints or objections from students against the examination procedure. It is also obliged to report regularly to the faculty on the development of study times and examination results.

There are three examination boards at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies to cover the various programs. Each of the committees has a chairperson and several members. The members are made up of representatives from the group of university lecturers, academic staff, and students.

The following members are currently members of the examination board for the master's degree in Communication and Media Studies, master's degree in Global Mass Communication, master's degree in Radio Broadcasting, and master's degree in ommunication and media studies:

  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Donges (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Sonja Ganguin (Vice Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Godulla
  • Dr. Charlotte Knorr (Deputy: Dr. Freya Sukalla)
  • Tabea Dittrich (Student member, Deputy: Micaela Speck)

Deputy when a university teacher is prevented from attending: Prof. Dr. Anne Bartsch

Final Thesis

The master‘s thesis is usually written in English in the fourth semester and supervised by a professor, provided that the professor is working at Leipzig University or Ohio University in a field relevant to the MA Global Mass Communication. You will receive 20 credit points for the master‘s thesis.

A Thesis Committee, consisting of members of both partner institutions, will supervise and evaluate the selection of topics and the preparation of the thesis. The committee consists of the chairperson of the support committee (chair or initial supervisor of the respective work) and two additional members. At least one member should come from a partner institution. The processing depends on the regulations of both institutes. Thus, at the beginning of the editing process, a proposal defense has to be carried out before the support committee, usually with Skype call to Athens, Ohio. After the proposal defense the actual processing time begins. According to Leipzig examination regulations, this period amounts to a maximum of 23 weeks; according to regulations at Ohio University, there must be at least 60 days between thesis proposal and thesis defense. The 23-week processing time in Leipzig can be extended by the audit committee at the request of the student for reasons for which he/she is not responsible, on the basis of a statement by the supervisor, usually up to six weeks.

The registration of the master‘s thesis at the examination office is made upon application in the third semester at the end of the lecture period at the latest. The subject and time must be recorded. The topic can only be returned once and only within two weeks of issue. On the application for the master‘s thesis, the topic agreed upon with the supervisor must be entered and signed by the supervisor. The second evaluator must also be registered and his/her declaration of consent must be obtained. The master‘s thesis must also be registered at Ohio University at the same time.

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Inform yourself about all important steps around the master thesis