Workshop mit Michael Thompson am Institut für Philosophie der Universität Leipzig 2022, Foto: Swen Reichhold

Cooperative Projects

The FAGI is an important lynchpin for an internationally-oriented network for philosophy. Cooperations exist with numerous partners on an international level.

University of Warwick, Foto: Colorbox

Warwick-Geneva-Leipzig Cooperative Project

A series of graduate student workshops on subjects sorrounding the philosophy of mind and psychology broadly conceived.

London, Photo: Colourbox

University College London / Leipzig Cooperative Project

A series of graduate student workshops.

Chicago. Photo: Colourbox

Chicago / Leipzig Cooperative Project

Mutual conferences and exchanges of students from Leipzig and Chicago.

Frankfurt am Main. Photo: Colourbox

Frankfurt / Leipzig Cooperative Project

A series of conferences focusing on the concept of autonomy.

Action. Photo: Colourbox

Action Network

Workshops / meetings in the research group to discuss foundational topics in the philosophy of action.

Patras. Photo: Colourbox

Patras / Leipzig / Pittsburgh Conferences

An ongoing series of conferences at the University of Patras.

Tel-Aviv. Photo: Colourbox

Tel Aviv-Potsdam GIF Cooperative Project

Project “Life and Mind: An Exploration of the Metamorphoses of the Kantian Moment in Philosophy”.

Göttingen, Foto: Colorbox

Göttingen Leipzig Chicago Graduate Conference

A series of graduate student conferences organized and hosted by the Philosophy Department at the Univ. of Göttingen.

Bordeaux. Photo: Colourbox

Bordeaux / Chicago / Leipzig Cooperative Project

A series of conferences and workshops devoted to the history of analytic philosophy.

Additional Partner Institutions

The FAGI cooperates with research centers from all over the world. Below you will find a selection of our partner institutions.