Study Programmes Philosophy/ Ethics

Are you interested in studying philosophy?

Find out everything about the courses offered at the institute, the contents, and bachelor and doctorate applications (study guide, exam and study regulations, module description, study plan).

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What the lecturer says: Prof. Dr. Andrea Kern

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kern explains what makes the Philosophy study program so special.

Foto: Christian Müller

What the lecturer says: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rödl

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rödl gives tips on how to prepare for the Philosophy study programme.

Studying Winter Semester 2022/23

To plan your studies, you will need information on modules and courses, exams and instructions for writing academic papers. Do you need help in organizing your studies? Take advantage of the wide range of advisory services.

Working together in a group. Photo: Colourbox
Writing pad. Photo: Colourbox
Students working in the seminar. Photo: Colourbox


In order to attend your selected courses, which are anchored in modules, you must register. For this purpose, a module registration takes place at the beginning of the semester. Prior to this, you must select your courses from the range of courses.

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Exam Achievements


Information on registering for and de-registering for exams, exam achievements and deadlines, and instructions for writing academic papers at the Institute of Philosophy.

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Student Advisory Service. Photo: Colourbox
Student Representative Council. Logo: Student Representative Council
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum, Leipzig University
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Helpdesk. Photo: Colourbox
CentralStudent Advisory Service. Photo: Christian Hüller


Staff Erasmus

International Study

Are you planning a study abroad as part of a semester abroad or an internship? You come from abroad and would like to study at Leipzig University? Here you will find important information for your planning.

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Further Information

About the institute

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News and events

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Gender Guidelines

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