Prof. Dr. John Schwenkler

Prof. Dr. John Schwenkler

Gastwissenschaftler (USA, Humboldt-Stiftung) seit dem WS 22/23

Institut für Philosophie


des Instituts für Philosophie
vom 1. Juni bis 31. August 2022 und
vom 1. Juni bis 31. August 2023 und
vom 1. Juni bis 31. August 2024

Prof. Dr. John Schwenkler ist Professor of Philosophy an der Florida State University.

Research Focus

Philosophy of Mind and Action; Ethics and Moral Psychology

Humboldt research project

My stay in Leipzig supports work on a book, titled Describing Human Action, in which I seek to elucidate our pre-philosophical understanding of action, intention, and causation by reflecting on how this understanding is expressed "grammatically" in ordinary descriptions of what humans and other animals do. This research also addresses fundamental issues in philosophical methodology, including the value of reflecting on ordinary usage and the relation of philosophical reflection to empirical inquiry.


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