Within the scope of the seminar in Global Studies from Wolfram von Scheliha on the concept of Transitional Justice, an excursion to Weimar and Buchenwald Memorial will take place on  15 June 2024. 

Transitional Justice became a global project only in the 1990s when the international community developed various instruments for implementing Transitional Justice measures in post-conflict societies. A milestone was the establishment of the International Criminal Court. However, the problems of how to address a violent past in post-conflict societies and of how to build a new, stable, peaceful, and just order are as old as civilized humankind. Part of the seminar is a one-day excursion to the Buchenwald Memorial in Weimar where we will study the histories of Buchenwald Concentration Camp (1937-1945) and Soviet Special Camp no. 2 (1945-1950) and the memorialization of both camps in the GDR and united Germany. 

Students will have the opportunity to visit the city of Weimar and the Memorial of Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Due to a restricted number of participants, please send an e-mail to Janine Kläge to register for this excursion until 7 June.