Research Profile

The aim of the research activities at the Institute is to understand, explain, and shape media and social change and its consequences. For this purpose, we make use of a variety of methods and theoretical perspectives within the framework of a social scientific approach.

Understand, explain and shape media change

Research at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies focuses on the transformation of media and society. In the course of digitalisation, this change is developing a special dynamic and has far-reaching effects: on the democratic public and journalism, on professional communication in companies and organisations, and on the everyday life of media users. The aim of our research activities is to understand, explain, and help shape this change in the media and in society. We are interested in the social, economic, political, cultural, historical, and ethical dimensions as well as the consequences of this change.

Versatile social scientific approach

We pursue a social scientific research approach that combines theory and method development, basic and applied research. We examine the challenges and potentials associated with media and social change from many different theoretical and methodological perspectives. To accomplish this, we also cooperate with other institutes of the faculty and university as well as with leading research institutes in Germany and abroad.

Transfer of research into society

We contribute our expertise to shape the transformation of media, organisations, and society – through cooperation with innovative media companies and cultural institutions, through exchange with decision-makers in corporate communications, and by promoting media competence and participation in the digital public. Our research also provides the theoretical and evidence-based foundations for political and organisational decision-making processes as well as for democratic decision-making in society.

Research-based career guidance in teaching

The latest findings from our research are also incorporated into the education of our students. By this, students acquire the theoretical and methodical competence to understand, explain and shape change in the media, in organisations, and in society. In addition, teaching and research projects are an integral part of our research activities.

Research at the Institute


The thirteen professorships regularly publish international and national papers. We offer you an overview of all publications at our institute and of the publications at the individual professorships.

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