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Teaching and the Multi-Crisis: A Roundtable Discussion 

In the last few years we’ve been experiencing multiple challenges in many societies of the world and the way they interact, including military conflicts, rising populism, a global pandemic, a “refugee crisis”, and climate change, just to name a few prominent examples. In the classroom and in our research, as teachers and scholars, we need to address these crises as professionals. As humans, we have to navigate them too. We have taken measures such as making our classrooms more dynamic or moving online, providing space to reflect on the challenges of our present, among other measures. But what else do we do when faced with crises that impact us, our students and colleagues personally, our fields of research, our partners in other parts of the world, or the places where we live or research? When the world is rocked by multiple crises simultaneously, how can we look at these with interdisciplinary and transregional approaches? How have our practices and ideas to train the newest generation of scholars changed? We intend to reflect on these questions and others in a roundtable format and engage in a conversation with our students.

Venue: GESI, Emil-Fuchs-Straße 1, seminar toom 3.16

Time: Thursday, 11 April 2024, 6:00 pm