Enrollment for this degree program is currently suspended.

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  • Studienrichtung

    social sciences
  • Studientyp

  • Abschluss

    Master of Arts
  • Lehrsprache

    German, some English
  • Studienform

    full-time, part-time
  • Studienbeginn

    winter semester
  • Zulassungsbeschränkung

    national admission restriction
  • Regelstudienzeit

    four semesters

  • Leistungspunkte



Please note the current information  (in German) for prospective applicants.

  • Academic degree: bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Leipzig University or comparable relevant degree in communication studies, media studies, journalism etc. with at least 180 credits;
  • proof of knowledge of English in the form of a TOEFL test with at a score of at least 100 (iBT).

The faculty will check whether the above requirements have been met and then issue an official notification. This serves as proof that the candidate meets the relevant admission requirements.


The double degree programme is a research-oriented consecutive course with an integrated, tuition-free period of study abroad in the third semester at the renowned E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens (Ohio). It is aimed at excellent graduates of degree courses in communication and media studies and offers the opportunity to specialise in the theories, methods and research fields of the subject with a specific focus on media structures and media culture in the US. The double degree equips students with intercultural and terminological skills that prepare them for positions of leadership in global media companies as well as for international research and publishing activities in communication and media.

This qualification is achieved, among other things, through:

  • the acquisition of knowledge about the conditions, expressions and consequences of media and public communication and professional activity in these fields
  • the ability to carry out historical, systematic and empirical analyses and to forecast media or public communication processes
  • the development of a willingness and ability to reflect on and solve problems scientifically
  • the development and strengthening of intercultural and foreign language skills in an internationalised media economy, governance and scientific networking.

The programme imparts vocational qualifications by focusing on the training and deepening of team-based intercultural skills by means of:

  • the combination of research and practice in the foreign language
  • the possibility to actively contribute to central research projects within tandems
  • courses on intercultural skills and academic English
  • the integration of a research internship at the E.W. Scripps College of Communication in Athens, Ohio (US)
  • a tandem programme with American students to assist and prepare for their stay abroad.

The programme is partly taught in English and ends with a Master of Arts (MA) in Global Mass Communication and a Master of Science (MSc) in Journalism.

The programme (120 credits) is divided into compulsory modules and compulsory elective modules, with students earning 60 credits each academic year. The master’s thesis is worth 20 credits and the research internship ten credits (one credit = 30 h attendance/private study).
The course is structured by the following modules:

  • 06-005-501-1 Theories of CMS (Leipzig University)
    Seminars on theories of mass communication and media ethics
  • 06-005-502-1 Methods of CMS I (Leipzig University)
    Seminars on the basic research methods of the field
  • 06-005-503-1 Research & Application Fields I (Leipzig University)
    Project seminars on independent research projects
  • 06-005-504-1 Methods of CMS II (Leipzig University)
    Seminars on advanced research methods of data collection and analysis
  • 06-005-506-1 Film & Television Economics (Leipzig University)
    Seminars on media economics in an international context
  • 06-005-507-1 Communication Theory & Law (Ohio University)
    Seminars on international mass communication and American media law
  • 06-005-508-1 Research Methods III (Ohio University)
    Seminars on media impact research
  • 06-005-509-1 Research Internship (Ohio University)
    Integrated research internship at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism
  • 06-005-510-1 Independent Study (Ohio University)
    Online course on international communication and its global implications, alternatively an extension of the period abroad with practical seminars on broadcasting and reporting.
  • Master’s thesis
    The master’s thesis (in English) is jointly supervised by lecturers from Leipzig and Athens.

Graduates of the programme can find career opportunities in areas such as the press, radio, television, agencies, film, media consulting, public relations, advertising, academia, education and training, positions of leadership in global media companies as well as international research and publishing activities in communication and media.

The standard course of studies requires German students to complete the third semester at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Travel and living costs are financed by a full DAAD scholarship – subject to application approval (flight costs up to a maximum of €1175 plus €1075 per month for the duration of the stay).

The typically high US tuition fees, which add up to a total of $7079 for the exchange semester, are waived by Ohio University (so-called tuition waiver).

However, students must pay for their own visa (SEVIS fee, consular fee) and other registration and administration fees at Ohio University (New International Student Fee, Graduate General Fee, COM Graduate Technology Fee, Legal Service Fee, Student Info Sys & Network Fee). These fees are calculated and weighted based on the credit hours of enrolment at Ohio University according to the semester rhythm of Ohio University. Provided they adhere to the standard period of study, students can expect to pay approximately $1900 in costs and fees.


Applications for this program are currently suspended.

Applications for this program are currently suspended.


One-semester period of study abroad at Ohio University

Award of a double degree in Global Mass Communication (MA, Leipzig University) and Journalism (MSc, Ohio University)