Welcome to the chair of sociological theory

In the bachelor’s program, our teaching includes the introduction to sociology and we engage with a wide range of sociological theory traditions. In the master’s program, we offer courses on experimental sociology and computational social science.

Our group conducts cutting-edge research on important social, political, and cultural matters, with a focus on developing deeper, mechanism-based understandings of social phenomena.

As analytical sociologists, we employ a range of methods and techniques to study individual behavior, its interactions, and their societal consequences. We use a combination of experiments, agent-based simulations, machine learning, social network analysis, and statistical models applied to digital trace, text, survey, and population register data to explain these processes.

General information

16th Annual Conference of the International Network of Analytical Sociology

All presenters have received registration information via email. If you wish to register for the conference (May 30–31, 2024 in Leipzig) without presentation, please contact the organizers.

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