The staff at the Institute of Philosophy works on externally-funded projects in various formats and on various topics. A selection can be found below.

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Photo: Colourbox

In this way, international scholars can be recruited for work at the institute and strengthen the internationally-oriented research work.

A cooperation agreement in teaching and research between the Institute of Philosophy of Leipzig University and the University of Chicago was concluded most recently in 2021, in which an exchange of master's and doctoral students of philosophy is offered for 1-2 semesters for Leipzig students and for students of the University of Chicago. The agreement supports e.g. a semester abroad in Chicago, as no tuition fees are charged. The cooperation promotes internationalization and networking. The main coordinators of this cooperation are Prof. James Conant (Chicago/Leipzig) and Prof. Andrea Kern (Leipzig).

An overview of current externally-funded projects at the Institute of Philosophy:

Completed research projects:

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